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Since 2015, Perfect Laser has delivered (all over SA – and Africa) over 1000 machines.
CO2 Lasers
CO2 Laser machines, also known as Laser Cutting machines have been the foundation of hundreds of SA businesses and entrepreneurs throughout Southern Africa...
As much as we love our big CNC routers, we have also fallen in love with our baby Windows 10, USB 4th Axis enabled, Small Desktop CNC routers and more...
The future is colour printers - and with it comes increased sales and huge profitability. Whether you have made it on your laser machine or simply prefer to print, its all so easy...
Fiber laser cutters are used to cut metal for parts, signage, components & more. A fiber laser cutter represents a significant investment, so we offer delivery, installation...
Fiber engraving is on the upswing. The days of banging dog tags in the shopping centre entrance have truly gone. Everyone wants metal items marked for different reasons. Popular markets...
Small Business Machines includes, Heat Presses, Vinyl Cutters, Electric Eyelet Machines, Food Printers, Digitisers, Acrylic Benders, Crease Cutters & more...
The Perfect Laser range of waterjet cutters are your best value proposition for high speed precision machining. From prototyping to full scale manufacturing, our waterjets can...
Our Spares & Accessories include, CNC Accessories, Consumables, Laser Accessories, Laser Spares, Software, Solvents and Substrates. Shop online today!

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Because we are passionate about making sure your business grows as quickly as possible.

Some clients have asked our staff why Perfect Laser offers so much and is so competitively priced. The answer is as much in our style and ethos as it is why our competitors charge so much. However, what our competitors charge is none of our concern.


Many years back in the 80’s there was a PC company that disrupted the local market called Computer Warehouse, that sold Taiwanese IBM compatible computers. Yes in those days you wouldn’t buy a PC unless it was IBM compatible.

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Feedback from our clients

  • Sidney Jeppe recommends Perfect Laser South Africa: “Just wand to thank Handsome for the great service and all the help. Handsome is a 5 star technician and highly recommended. Thanks Handsome 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟.”
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    Sidney Jeppe
  • Mr Warwick Smith-Chandler please take note. I spent a lot of time and effort researching the various Laser suppliers and products available in South Africa, including Hello Peter etc. I eventually settled on Perfect Laser South Africa and purchased a PLT-6040HQ SL as well as the PLF-30 DT, both with rotary devices. Products are very important but backup and support is paramount. Just a BIG Thank You to the Cape Town team: Sophy, Leon and David. This team is Awesome and their support is beyond Superb. I am very pleased with my choice of Perfect Laser South Africa – Reg Morgan
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    Reg Morgan
  • Hi Madeleine
    Thank you for your support. I appreciate in bringing the support ticket forward to today.
    In the end it was not the tube that was faulty, but the flow sensor. If it is in order with Perfect Laser I will keep the replacement tube as a backup for the future.
    Please give my gratitude to Handsome for his excellent service. Another Technician may have continued to replace the tube, but Handsome knew immediately that it was the flow sensor that was faulty and not the tube.
    His service is as always very professional, quick and exceptional.
    Your service (both of you) have restored my faith in Perfect Laser.
    Much appreciated
    Kind regards
    Kobus du Preez
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    Kobus du Preez
  • Great service. And Stephan is always there for support and willing to travel a distance just to see to my troubles. Thanks guys
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    Dalisu Shange