Company Overview

Perfect Laser Technologies (Pty) Ltd. trading as Perfect Laser operates from a single entity, named Perfect Laser. The Company was founded in 2014, by the CEO and sole shareholder, Warwick Smith-Chandler. Mr. Smith-Chandler is actively involved in the day to day running of the business. The Company was officially registered in 2015.

Perfect Laser employs 46 staff members countrywide. The head office is situated in Ferndale, Gauteng – with branches in Kwazulu Natal, Richards Bay, Free State, George, Port Elizabeth, East London, Western Cape and Nelspruit in Mpumalanga. Our focused sales team services other areas in Africa, namely, Botswana, Namibia, Mauritius, Zimbabwe, Lesotho and Swaziland.

Our Corporate division, Perfect Laser Enterprise Solutions Pty (Ltd) is level 2 B-BBEE certified. We are also registered on the Government Central Supplier Database.

Being a Responsible Company

The majority of our staff have been hand-picked by our CEO, not only for their then skillset, but for their ability to show determination and provide the company ethos that most employees strive to work within. We have cultivated staff from all walks of life and empowered them to become leaders in their own communities, sharing their knowledge with others.

Community Involvement

Perfect Laser started a campaign in 2020 to donate every 3040 laser machine that is traded in on another machine, to a local school. We believe in inspiring and making a difference in the lives of our fellow South Africans.

Our Mission

Perfect Laser started out in a home garage and has grown to be the Company it is today through sheer hard work, determination and the desire to empower as many customers as possible to become successful business owners of multiple machines.

Products / Services and Customers

At Perfect Laser, we are all passionate about the new “disruptive technology” opportunities that CO2 Lasers, CNC routers, Waterjet Cutters, Fiber Cutters, UV and Eco Solvent printers and our other business machines provide.

We believe passionately that every South African and South African company must easily be able to take control of their prototyping and creative dreams, resume manufacturing in-house (rather than outsourcing) and take advantage of the oncoming consumer tsunami which can only be described as “customers who want new ideas that are customised and personalised – and they want it now”.

Customisation is not new. Before the industrial revolution, most items from clothes to boots and swords were made at home. Almost 400 years later, we are getting back to it – but via computers and machines. Customisation has gone digital and been miniaturised. Corporates are themselves under threat with what can now be made in a garage.
Since 2015, Perfect Laser has delivered (all over SA – and Africa) over 1000 different machines. We have watched ideas come alive, seen amazing products created, witnessed the financial success of our clients and become close friends with many of them.

We understand that clients think that quality and reliability are sacrificed by having more competitively priced machines. This I can assure you would never be acceptable to us – we would be failing in our mission to provide you with a reliable, profitable, in-house manufacturing solution and we would be driving around sorting out technical issues all day. In fact our machines are incredibly reliable. Lastly our JIC (Just in Case) parts inventory is definitely the largest in South Africa.

Customer support improvement hotline

Even though we have hundreds of 5-star reviews, there is the occasion when something goes wrong.

For this reason, we have set up a ‘CUSTOMER SUPPORT IMPROVEMENT HOTLINE’.

Simply dial 010 157 0112, and select the 4th option – ‘Service Improvement’. Your call will be answered by our COMPLIANCE manager.

This is the procedure we follow once you have called:

1) We will look up your entire client history on our CLOUD SYSTEM which includes all calls, notes, support tickets, SMSs sent, etc.

2) We will collect your query and perform a quick investigation and reply with a call to you with our next step or plan of action within one hour – during our business hours.

3) Should the plan of action not be acceptable, our compliance department will set up a conference call with our COO (Chief Operating Officer), the relevant Product Manager and the Perfect Laser staff member initially involved with you. This will take place the next morning, usually at 9 am.

This also allows Perfect Laser the time to listen to all calls, and investigate thoroughly. Part of this process is the creation of an internal Incident Report to which all documentation, notes and supporting information will be attached.

Having all levels of staff and you (our client) on a conference call allows everyone to be heard, all information to be gathered and more often than not the issue at hand gets resolved.

4) In the event of a an unsuccessful resolution, the COO will forward all the information and engage with the CEO who will then make a final decision.