Buying from Perfect Laser means partnering with us – and we take it seriously.

Many of our clients have a few ideas why they want to buy a machine from Perfect Laser . Sure clients have some idea what they want to make. The reality however is far more interesting. By allowing Perfect laser to be your supplier, you actually get a whole lot more – for years to come.

People make a business, and we have great staff. It’s like a hospital having a range of specialists on the team. With us that means engineers, technicians, designers, a nationwide branch network , test equipment , technical instruction guides, spares kits – even replacement paint for your machines.

Most of our staff are multi-technology machine type skilled. Many staff have been with us from the day we started. Because our staff understand different machine types ( Laser, Fiber, CNC, UV etc.) – it allows our clients to expand by acquiring multiple different machine types. The record so far is one client who has 22 machines across 8 different technology platforms. Along the way our technicians have become computer experts too, as often Windows / AntiVirus updates cause havoc with your settings.

And we are available until 8 pm every week night and 2 pm on Saturdays. Perfect Laser knows that being a business owner DOES not stop at 5pm—so nor do we.

We at Perfect Laser are passionate about the new “disruptive technology” that Lasers, CNC routers, Waterjet Cutters etc. represent. We believe passionately that every South African and South African company must easily be able to take control of their prototyping and creative dreams, resume manufacturing in-house (rather than outsourcing) and take advantage of the oncoming consumer tsunami which can only be described as “customers who want new ideas that are customised and personalised – and they want it now“. That’s why we offer free use of our bigger machines on Saturdays ( location/machine dependent) and Free Saturday morning training. Its just not worth losing a ‘deal’ due to lack of training.

Our machines are incredibly reliable. Lastly our JIC (Just In Case) parts inventory is probably the largest in SA. We have parts for every machine ever sold by us. Very occasionally there will be a small wait. This is made easier as our management systems are directly integrated into our suppliers and as we request a part – moments later its being processed and despatched by our supplier partners.

It is no secret that we drive or fly to every corner of South Africa, export to the SADEC region, offer telephone support for over 65 hours per week including remote control analysis of your machine via the internet.

Joining us is a partnership which we take really seriously. Failure is not an option. Your success becomes our success.

Additionally, we :

1) provide software integrity support to any of our machines with an internet connection, for 1 year.

2) have written detailed technical instruction guides for 70% of our products. ( many of our staff were technical journalists, editors and publishers).

3) offer a 75-80% trade-in (excluding return freight costs) on upgrades within 3 months of installation.

4) If you prefer to pay and wait we can offer a great discounts. If not our distribution centre in Johannesburg carries stock 99% of the time.

Warwick Smith-Chandler

CEO and Founder

August 2021