About Perfect Laser


Largest laser company in SA

Perfect Laser started in Newlands, Cape Town in early 2012. In the short space of 4 years the company has grown to be the largest laser company in SA. Two fundamental philosophies drive us: Service and Innovation.


The other half to our philosophy is innovation. We have introduced a number of firsts in SA. These include our materials Goody Bag, Free use of our fiber laser, combination laser and CNC router deals, the importation of our unique range of ready to engrave accessories and guaranteed trade ins.

Our commitment to service

Our commitment to service stems from our unique heritage as the publishing company responsible for Working from Home, SA Guide to Business Opportunities and Your Business Magazine (which is still published to this day). We understand entrepreneurship and small business management. We provide service which encompasses all angles – from after hours support, regular travel to all parts of South and Southern Africa, unmatched software skills to resolve design issues, and what we believe is our unmatched energy.

We believe in what we do and this means that our support and innovation fuels the ongoing success of our family of clients.