Technical support ticket

Why does Perfect Laser use a web-based support centre?
Simply put, the advantages are many. By using this ticket system your request never gets lost and can be seen and updated by all Perfect Laser staff. Your client queries are date stamped and you can track the progress as your problem gets resolved. You will even be able to see how we engage with our specialist support staff to provide input.

You will be able to follow all the internal communications between Perfect Laser staff as we diagnose and resolve your issue. This could include requests for more information, sample files, access to your PC via UltraViewer, videos of problem actions,scheduling of a service call etc.

The information relating to your request will be available to you 24 hours per day and use of the system is free of charge. You will even be able to add extra notes to your service request. Please note that at this stage this system is only set up for post-installation technical support.

Every effort is made to reply to tickets within 3-4 hours. If sent after hours, we will usually respond by 9am. During business hours it is often more productive if you phone in, as all our staff anywhere in SA have online access to your machine record and history and this speeds up problem resolution.