Perfect Laser Technologies constantly updates its collective skill sets and capabilities. Over 50% of our clients have more than 1 machine from us (the existing record is 22). This is because our clients have grown their business by giving Perfect Laser the opportunity of being their only supplier.


The new machines below are state of the art and for many companies they will become a necessary investment as they strive to start or expand their business. As always, Perfect Laser will write the technical manuals and instruction guides, have trained staff, and above all the parts on hand to keep these (and any of our machines) running profitably.

PL-W-3015 Direct Drive Waterjet, Arriving around 20th November 2021
PLT-CO2 Solid State Galvo Head Engraver, Arriving 24th October 2021
PLF-1390 Enclosed Fiber Cutter - Arriving in January 2022
PLF-W 1 KW laser welder - Arriving around 20th November 2021
PLE-1325 8-tool Automatic tool changer CNC -Arriving 25th October 2021
PL-ES-3.2M Eco Solvent Printer - Just Arrived at our warehouse
Mini-DTG-Factory (Direct To Garment Printing) - Just Arrived
Mug press supplies
5 Mug heat press - Just Arrived