Our History

Because we are passionate about making sure your business grows as quickly as possible.
Where it all started:

Some clients have asked our staff what drives Perfect Laser Technologies.
Remaining relevant in today’s instant world is a challenge we accept every day. We like to think we work both smarter and harder. 

Like most success stories – we are a sum of our collective experiences. We call them ‘building blocks’! For many of our staff, Perfect Laser is a career, full of opportunities and surprises, change and growth. At the centre of every staff member’s core is our staff pledge :

“Every Perfect Laser staff member follows one guiding principle. As an individual and a collective, we will try our hardest to make sure the business you bring to us is rewarded with a solution that makes you money, brings satisfaction to you and your clients, and simplifies your business.”

It’s the binding DNA structure that in the absence of policies, procedure and corporate-speak, guides our entire company.

My own building blocks have a history dating back to 1984. I left Readers Digest (one year out of UCT) and took the giant leap starting Computer Warehouse. Within 3 years we had 12 branches and 220 staff. Looking back, I wonder how the business was built using only a fax machine and some telephone lines. 

And we thought we were pioneers with a 64k ISDN line costing R6000 per month.

The disruptive streak displayed by Computer Warehouse now plays itself out in Perfect Laser Technologies. (Remember the days when you would only buy IBM compatible PCs..)

On June 8, 1987 we listed on the JSE. It was sheer hard work, commitment to clients and belief in what we set out to do that drove us.

Computer Warehouse was subsequently sold to Bill Venter’s Altron Group. Perfect Laser in many ways is an extension to that. In those days the computer was the emerging technology – today it’s what connects us to the world.

One of our first Lasers

The PLT-3040 model was one of the first lasers that we sold – and 7 years later it is still going strong and selling well – albeit an entry-level laser.

Fast forward 25 years:

At Perfect Laser, we are all passionate about the new “disruptive technology” opportunities  that CO2 Lasers, CNC routers, Waterjet Cutters, Fiber Cutters, UV and Eco Solvent printers and our other business machines provide.

We believe passionately that every South African and South African company must easily be able to take control of their prototyping and creative dreams, resume manufacturing in-house (rather than outsourcing) and take advantage of the oncoming consumer tsunami which can only be described as “customers who want new ideas that are customised and personalised – and they want it now”.

Customisation is not new. Before the industrial revolution, most items from clothes to boots and swords were made at home. Almost 400 years later, we are getting back to it – but via computers and machines. Customisation has gone digital and been miniaturised. Corporates are themselves under threat with what can now be made in a (car) garage.

Since 2015, Perfect Laser has delivered (all over SA – and Africa) over 1000 different machines. We have watched ideas come alive, seen amazing products created, witnessed the financial success of our clients and become close friends with many of them.

We understand that clients think that quality and reliability are sacrificed by having a more competitively priced machines. This I can assure you would never be acceptable to us – we would be failing in our mission to provide you with a reliable, profitable, in-house manufacturing solution and we would be driving around sorting out technical issues all day. In fact our machines are incredibly reliable. Lastly our JIC (Just In Case) parts inventory is definitely the largest in South Africa.

It is no secret that we drive to every corner of South Africa, export to the SADEC region, offer telephone support for over 65 hours per week including remote control analysis of your machine via the internet, have a collection of skills ranging to Autocad, CorelDraw, Fusion 360, Photoshop and more – surely unmatched.

We write our own Technical Instruction Guides – often up to 100 pages. (Some of our staff – myself included – have a proud history of technical journalism, editorships and publisher experience). We know how to write technically. Our systems are held together by our own (SAP equivalent) system developed in-house from the day we opened.

This system allows us to track and trace every  experience you have had with us. We have your machine under our pulse.

Every machine we supply adds a moneymaking tool to your toolbox. 30% of our clients have more than one machine. The record is 22 machines (20 different ones). It’s no secret that once you have learned one type of machine, the migration to another machine – be it colour or CNC – is much quicker. Keeping it all under one supplier roof just makes sense.

Whether you have 1 or 22 machines, considering moving to the coast or another city, we have you covered. At any stage you are welcome to visit any of our branches.

Warwick Smith-Chandler – Founder and CEO

How We Can Help You:

Make Ideas Come Alive

This is how we implement our service and training:

The technology we use is highly reliable and durable – in all environments. Furthermore the cooling system, power supply and laser tubes are matched to work together reliably.
However from time to time there are problems – which we address as follows:

PLEASE NOTE We can be many things but we can’t be responsible for your graphic design skills, graphic environment knowledge and specific graphic software skills. We do need you to have a reasonably good internet connection. We also use a centralised job control system – which tracks and traces all client queries and gives centralised status reports.