From casual labourer to Senior Technician ...

Handsome has been with Perfect Laser from the get go. From a casual labourer to Senior Technician specialising in Lasers, Metal cutters and now Fiber Engravers – his story at Perfect Laser is the embodiment of everything Perfect Laser strives for.

His skills are legendary as is the way he treats our customers. We are all so incredibly proud of his achievements. His formula for success is simple. Every day, Handsome has made it his passion to be better than yesterday. A true role model for all our staff to follow.

From Taxi Driver to Senior Technician ...

JuJu started with Perfect Laser Technologies in 2018. Previously known as “the fastest taxi driver in Diepsloot”, Juju started off as a casual. Working first under Handsome’s guidance, JuJu moved to our BIG Machine Shop and started learning about CNC machines.

His progress has been nothing short of amazing. Not only has JuJu mastered CO2 lasers, he is now our Senior CNC technician. He has taken responsibility for his own development and taught himself RDWorks, Fusion 360, Vectric Aspire and G Code.

He has also completed a course on robotics.

Perfect Laser regularly relies on JuJu to fly to all corners of Africa (and South Africa) to install and train new CNC owners. At 26 years old JUJU is an inspiration to all youths in RSA.

From Intern to ‘extreme’ Colour Specialist and Senior Technician.

Larry joined Perfect Laser Technologies as an intern in February 2017. Ever since he joined us Larry has been relentlessly acquiring new skills. In March 2018, Larry was transferred to George to open our branch, returning to Johannesburg in August of that year. This crucial building block enabled Larry to develop specific areas of expertise from CO2 lasers to Colour machines. Larry’s skills today are top-drawer. Larry is now our resident Product Specialist for all our colour machines. This includes UV, Eco Solvent and DTG/DTF printers.

His self-taught skills and capability for rebuilding/repairing any colour machine – combined with deep self-taught skills in CorelDraw, Photoshop, and Illustrator (along with a variety of Colour RIP programs) –plus excellent design skills, means that Larry and his team can solve any colour issue. With vast amounts of patience this extreme knowledge has been passed on to all our branch managers around SA on a regular basis. Larry regularly installs new colour machines and has travelled to all corners of SA assisting Perfect Laser staff and clients.

From Barman to KZN Regional Technician

Johannes joined Perfect laser in February 2020, with no experience in any machine or software environment – It was Johannes’ capacity to learn and absorb new information and techniques that has allowed Johannes to become our roving KZN technician. At the age of 22, Johannes looks after every machine type we sell. CO2 lasers, vinyl cutters, Eco Solvent printers, all types of software support from CorelDraw to Corellaser and Colour Rip software  the list just goes on and on. 

What is truly amazing is that being located in Durban and out of Perfect Laser head office environment, Johannes has had to take personal responsibility for his own knowledge whilst protecting Perfect Laser’s extremely high customer 5-star referral record. Our Durban branch has been operational for 5 years now, and Johannes attends to customers efficiently and patiently. Always willing to help both clients and fellow staff members, often well past our regular office hours. Johannes is another staff member that all SA youths can look up to.