What power does a fiber laser engraver use?

Wattage figures provided by our suppliers

Our fiber laser engravers have a source rating, however, that figure (30w,50w,60w,80w,etc.) relates to the energy output of the source and is the measurement of the laser beam's energy. The actual consumption of electrical power, from the wall, for our fiber laser engravers is as follows:

100w : 930w/4.23A

60w : 740w/3.36A

50w : 820w/3.73A

30w : 680w/3.09A

20w : 630w/2.86A

This is based on tests and results compiled by one of our suppliers so we have to account for variences in their machines as well as the other suppliers who have not provided figures yet. Do remember this may  also change based on peripherals, like a PC or Rotary device.

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