This is how we roll …

Fiber Laser Cutter Installation. Monday 20-06-2022 – It’s 17:30 and we arrive in Robertson. It’s cold and cloudy. We book into the guest house and prepare for our week’s stay. We visit a local pub for a pizza and a drink. Tuesday 21-06-2022 – 7:55 and we arrive at the client’s premises. The machine has already been rigged into position inside the client’s workshop and the feet have been installed. We get to work with assembly immediately. Lots of panels, wires, and pipes to get installed today. We push hard and get the machine completely assembled and turned on before we leave at 17:00. Tomorrow morning is calibration day. Wednesday 22-06-2022 – 08:00 and we start the calibration of all the metals which are processable on the machine. The client luckily had samples of each and every thickness of steel so we had lots of work ahead of us. We started with the calibration of Stainless Steel. We were working from 1.2mm all the way to 8mm. Once we had completed all the Stainless Steel calibrations, we started on the Mild Steel. Again calibrating all thicknesses from 1mm to 16mm mild steel. Aluminium followed, and lastly brass. 17:55 and we successfully complete the calibration of 80% of the metals and thicknesses. We call it a day and head back to the guest house where we retire for the night. Thursday 23-06-2022 – 08:00 we start with the last bit of calibration. We manage to finish the outstanding calibrations by 12:00 and we head out for lunch. On our return, we start testing the machine and putting it through its paces. All seems well but some of the calibrations are not effective on longer cuts. We spend the rest of the day fine-tuning. 17:00 and we are done. Friday 24-06-2022 – 08:00 we are back at the client for training. 3 trainees attend including Willie who purchased the machine. Training goes smoothly. Lots of questions are asked and loads of information is shared. We perform tests on each trainee to make sure they can operate the machine effectively and safely. 15:45 we finish off the installation, sign off the documents, and make our way back to Cape Town. We spent the weekend in Cape Town and returned on Sunday evening at 00:00, Job well done.