Perfect Laser’s fleet of 10 Smart forfour cars nationwide.

Our fleet of cars allows our staff to do their jobs effectively, but there are also certain aspects to Perfect Laser that we feel make us unique. Our BMS (Big Machine Shop) is spectacular. Our CSP (cloud-based Client Service Platform) is truly remarkable. Our range of published technical books and bulletins are written by us to a world class editorial standard. Our staff commitment to after hours service (up to 8pm Monday to Friday and 3pm Saturday) is confirmation of our passion. Our ability to supply, train on and maintain C02 lasers, fiber cutters, CNC machines, fiber engravers, eco solvent printers, vinyl cutters and UV printers means that we now have many clients who have in excess of 5 of our machines. (Our record so far is 13). Our staff ongoing training, visits to our suppliers overseas (Covid rules permitting) has been substantial. Using our CSP we can transfer your support requirements to available staff nationwide with the appropriate skills. Even our fleet of ten Smart ForFour vehicles work very hard. Our first one now has over 500,000km on the clock and is diligently looked after and cared for by Handsome in our Johannesburg branch.