Ortur Diode lasers

We now stock the Ortur range of Diode lasers

Have you seen Diode Lasers in action?

CO2 and fiber lasers are not the only lasers we do. We also have UV lasers and relatively inexpensive Powerful Diode lasers. Our Ortur range is now in stock and available to demo and purchase.

So what is a Diode laser?

The laser beam is produced by a diode, which is a semiconductor device. Diode lasers are a class of lasers used in a wide variety of applications, including optical communications, laser printing, and laser surgery.

Like other types of laser, the light emitted from a Diode laser is a laser beam. A laser beam is a focused beam emitted in a single direction. Laser beams are used to cut, engrave or mark objects. You can work with various materials such as wood, plastic, metal, and glass.

Come in to our Perfect Laser campus at Vale street for a demo – or go to www.ortur.co.za