One for the Money, Two for the Show …

Although our Waterjet machines can cut through literally (almost) anything, we have a client who wants to cut granite, and his Waterjet has just finished Quality Control tests at the factory, before being crated and shipped to South Africa. This model has a cutting area of 3 metres by 1.5 metres.

Our latest model features a direct drive pump which dramatically increases the efficiency of the water stream while reducing costs compared to an intensifier pump. Also, while an intensifier uses hydraulic pressure to create the high pressure water stream (and needs about 150 litres of hydraulic fluid to do so), the direct drive system uses about 3 litres of regular oil – and because it does not need a massive cooling system, it is also smaller, and requires less electricity to operate.

This client will also be getting an abrasive removal system and 5 tons of garnet abrasive.

We are currently the only Waterjet supplier in South Africa to feature a direct drive pump on our machines.