Now is the time to spend – really.

The Rand has dropped through the floor, but now is the time to buy money-making assets.

With the Rand tanking again – (currently R19.30 / US$1 , at 4pm today) It's time to think seriously about investing in your business equipment. There are a lot of stock items that were bought and paid for before this drop – and as long as suppliers don't rip you off, buying now is actually a good idea because new stock will come in at new (higher) prices.

At Perfect Laser we can mitigate a lot of these issues because we purchase and ship a lot of our stuff way in advance, and so the stock we currently hold (or have ordered and paid for) will be more affordable than it will be in the next few months.

So if you are in the market for a CO2 laser, a fiber engraver, Heat Press and sublimation equipment – or other related goodies to assist your small to medium business, now is the time to jump in and start making money.

For larger businesses needing to cut steel on one of our fiber cutters, we have a container (paid for) leaving by the end of the month with two 3KW fiber cutters – at really good prices.