No warranty if you self-install parts

Important information regarding self-installation of parts.

You have no warranties as you have elected to self install your part/s.

Most parts sold by Perfect Laser Technologies (PTY) Ltd. are sold with a 6 month warranty provided they are installed by a Perfect Laser Technician. This is because parts sold by Perfect Laser have been designed for Perfect Laser machines and are extremely sensitive to voltage fluctuations, static, loadshedding, polarity, insulation etc.

The exceptions to the general warranty are Colour print heads which have no warranty whatsoever.

Additionally any part self-installed by the purchaser or by a third party will carry no warranty whatsoever.

This, in effect, means that self-installed parts may not be retuned or exchanged under any circumstances.

Should you wish to make arrangements for a Perfect Laser Technician to install the part/s to ensure your warranty is valid, please set up a technician’s callout at your nearest branch prior to purchasing said parts.

WM Smith-Chandler, CEO
Perfect Laser Technologies (PTY) Ltd.

17th March 2023