Multiple machines to one client – again!

We have many multiple machine clients - but most are bought at different times, so when we have a single client purchasing well over a million Rand in one order, we think it is something everyone should know! The installation (and training) of these machines was a five-day exercise involving two of our technicians - Larry and Reece, This was completed yesterday (9th June 2022). The machines involved were : 2 x PL-ES-3.2M Eco Solvent Printer 3 x PL-ES-1.8 SH Eco-solvent Printer 2 x PL-Vinyl Cutter 1400 3 x PL-Heat Press- 5 in 1 Set 1 x PLT-1390 CO2 Laser (130w) 1 x PLF-30 Fiber Laser 1 x PL-DTF-Mini Fiber Laser 1 x Epson L3110 printer 1 x PL-Heat Press Machine (38x38) And all the associated bits and bobs that go with these machines. Most of the pics are here, including the truck leaving our CDC and arriving at the client.