If your client reports an odd speed issue ..

Adjusting software parameters is the answer

Applies to Ruida controllers only.

For older controllers using RDWorks V6 :

If your client says the machine is not cutting through 3mm MDF, here is another possibility: Ask the client if it seems the head is moving faster than it should …

There is a setting under "File Parameter" that, if fiddled with, can cause this type of head-scratcher. It is called "Velocity Unit" and the default is mm/s (mm per second). However, it can be set to m/min (metres per minute) as well, and this means that if you put the cut speed at "10", it will not cut at 10mm/sec, but rather at 166.6666mm/sec … (10 metres per minute).

For newer controllers using RDWorks V8 :

The Velocity setting is under "Parameter Setting" – "Import/Export" – bottom right.