Helping our clients at a time of extreme need

Rebuilding a client's machine at no cost to them

We recently had an opportunity to rebuild a client's machine that was damaged in a flood. Because this is a long-standing client of ours, and considering they rely on our machine to earn a living, we decided to do it as a gesture of goodwill at no charge.

The client wrote us a fabulous FaceBook review …

"Dear Warwick, Handsome and the PLT team…we had a major flood in Feb 2023. I was really devastated when I saw my machine full of mud and the level of the water line. A week later, out of the blue I received a call…we are going to rebuild your machine at no cost. I couldn't believe it…the tears were flowing non stop.

Yesterday Handsome delivered my machine…it is as good as new. Handsome I don't have enough words to thank you for all your effort, dedication and many many hours that you spent to do the rebuild in your busy schedule. Warwick…once again…thank you so so much for your kind heart…you gave me back my life. PLT…you are an awesome company…🙏"