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Fiber Laser Red Light Focus LED's

Fiber Red Light Focus LEDs

These lights are installed as a guideline for focusing your fiber.  When training your clients on the fiber, it is important to state that the LED focus lights are merely a guideline and the final calibration of the focus will need to be done with a ruler (which is supplied with every single fiber laser).

The Red LED focus lights are not accurate for the following reasons:

1)    They are 2 red LEDs that are meant to align perfectly when adjusting focus. The human eye will never be able to see the 2 lights directly on top of each other and there will be a few mm difference.

2)    These lights need to be calibrated and locked before installation.

3)    The lights are adjustable. This means that they can and will move if knocked, bumped, pressed, etc. Which will throw your focus out immediately.

Should the LEDs fail on the fiber laser, you will still be able to use the machine. 

Using "The Ruler Method" to achieve focus is reliable, effective and it is failsafe. You will never be out of focus.

There are different lenses for different operating areas. The most common ones that we supply are 110x110mm, 220x220mm, and 330x330mm. Each of these will have its own focal distance. To determine what the focal distance is, you will perform the following test:

1)    Draw a simple “TEXT” in EzCad and center it on the workspace.

2)    Hatch the text.

3)    Set the laser to “Continuous”.

4)    Set your power high (80%), Speed 500, and frequency 20.

5)    “Light” your TEXT to ensure it is on the steel to engrave, you do not want to mark the bed of the fiber.

6)    Hit “Mark” and whilst the laser is engraving move the head up or down until you see the laser react with the steel. Carry on adjusting your height until you find the brightest, most powerful beam.

7)    Measure the distance from the top of your substrate to the centerline of your fiber head (or any reference point you prefer)

8)    This is your focal distance.


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