EZCad and Windows 10 issues

Some Windows 10 updates are breaking EZCad

Some of the new Windows 10 updates seem to be causing issues with EZCad, I think it may be something to do with Windows Defender – and the way that executable files are now being referred to as "Apps".

What seems to happen is that the config files are thought to be a threat by Windows Defender, and so Windows casually deletes them without telling you about it.

This results in lost settings, parameters etc.

The best thing is to have a backup folder with all the EZCad folders on it, and re-copy that over to the PC. Alternatively you will need to do the setup from scratch.

Also … when this happens, the desktop shortcut for EZCad can get corrupted so it will still not save any changes made to the configuration parameters when closing the program.

Best to create a subdirectory in C://Program Files called EZCAD – copy the EZCad files there – AND create a new desktop shortcut. 

I don't know how long this solution will last though, because if Windows updates again it might do the same thing. You may want to create a ZIP or RAR of the entire EZCad directory for backup.

One of the obvious things that happens is that the F1 button changes from [Light(F1)] to [Red(F1)]. This is caused by the Language defaulting to English USA. You can resolve this in the System Parameter (under File) menu – at the bottom. Select "Language" and change it to "English".

Of course you will also have to change the Laser parameter (F3) to Fiber / Raycus as well – and you might find the ports revert to NULL. So if the red light pointer is not working, change the Red Light Output Port to either 4 or 5.

You will have to close the program and restart it to see the changes.

Alternatively, you can ask me to do all this via Ultraviewer, but …

the defaults might also be reset for the Aspect (Lens field) and the Galvo scales (100) – so it may be required to do a test of the actual size and make changes accordingly.

If this is the case, we will need to charge the client for time spent. 

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