Corellaser issues

PLT-6040/PLT-3040 on Permanent “Release”

Today (Monday 25 April 2022) I had a client that had an issue whereby his machine, in his words ‘was not acting correctly’. What was meant by this was 3 things.

First issue was encountered when the machine was being connected up and one is setting the starting point (Reference/Origin point). Normally at this point the axis are held by the motors and one has to click “release.” This was not the case as there was no ‘hold’ to start with. There was no communication error as one could move the laser nozzle via CorelLaser.

Issue 2: When an action such as an engrave had completed, the nozzle would not move back to the set reference point and would just stay where its last finished.

Issue 3: The “reset” button in the engraving manager on the right would not do anything which was something the client used a lot before.

After a lot of testing and trying to replicate the problem on my Demo machine I came to the conclusion that it was either an underlying software error or the mainboard was faulty. My first step was to uninstall and completely remove CorelLaser on the clients PC. I then reinstalled CorelLaser and setup all the settings required. Everything then worked correctly.

When all else fails it often pays to uninstall the software and reinstall it. If you are not getting a connection error but the gantry can move freely, it is most likely CorelLaser and not the mainboard.