Blackouts / Loadshedding

Whatever you want to call it, it is bad for Electronics

Eskom …

Need I say more?

We are all held to ransom by this bunch of palookas, but it may cost more than just irritation. Every time you endure loadshedding, your sensitive electronic equipment suffers.

Lightning can get to whatever is in its path, from appliances to electronics or an entire electrical distribution board – and a voltage surge from Eskom when initiating or returning from loadshedding can cause the same damage. When it comes to an insurance claim, with a lightning strike, the policyholder may be able to prove a direct strike occurred because of burning or charring where the lightning entered an outdoor object. In some cases, lightning may hit the ground or taller items, including trees, flagpoles, or other structures. The energy can keep traveling after the initial impact.

Power surges from Eskom, however, are more difficult to prove. I know that some technical claims adjusters will not believe that an item (such as a laser tube) can be damaged by a power surge when the high voltage power supply appears to be intact and undamaged.

What tends to be forgotten is that an HT power supply is also directly connected to the mains – and is subject to Eskom fluctuations, and although the power supply may still work after a loadshedding surge, the surge itself may cause massive transient spikes in the output to the tube, thus damaging it.

Electrically powered equipment is prone to damage if any surge enters the electrical system – and anything plugged into or connected to these components could sustain damage.

Please read my Technical Bulletin # 30 for more detailed information.