5 in 1 Heat Press – Changing Fahrenheit to Celcius

For our clients battling with this conversion, these instructions and video are foolproof!

Our Heat Presses are preset to Fahrenheit for the American market and need to be converted to Celcius. You can refer to the new 5 in 1 Manual coming out soon or use these instructions in the meantime.

Changing the temperature from Fahrenheit to Celsius

  • Turn ON the machine.
  • HOLD the ← and → arrows down at the same time, until you see P1d on the screen.
  • Press the → arrow (Right ), and then press MODE 1 x
  • Press ← arrow, (Left) and then MODE 2x. It is now set to Celcius. 
  • Do in reverse it you want it in Fahrenheit.

Hope this helps. The attached video also makes the Fahrenheit – Celcius conversion very easy.