Client technical support is taken seriously at Perfect Laser Technologies.

Over 45% of our 51 staff have strong technical capabilities. We regularly send technical staff all over Africa. Every technician updates our knowledge base regularly, meaning that technical information is accessible by any Perfect Laser staff member.

How does this help entrepreneurs, business owners and the hobbyist? The reality we all face is that corporate South Africa shuts down at 5pm Monday to Friday (and often earlier). If only we could say the same for our business’ technical challenges. Many of our clients just carry on working or maybe just start working with their Perfect Laser machines at 5pm.

That’s where we come in. If there is suddenly a glitch, if it’s possible we will try our best to sort it out. Typical technical issues range from Windows issues, design issues, machine settings or simply things just not going to plan.

From 5pm-6pm, Monday to Friday we have technical in-store support. Depending which technician is assigned, we more than likely will have the same machine on-hand that you have, to replicate and resolve your problem on.

From 6pm to 8pm, we have remote from-home support. On Saturdays we are there for you until 1pm.

Your business does not stop at 5pm. We realise that, and we are here for you.

Warwick Smith-Chandler
CEO – August 2022

At Perfect Laser Technologies we recognise that without willing, helpful, skilled and motivated technicians supported by our team of Product Specialists, we would not have a business. We are so proud of our team. 15 5-star reviews in 10 days. 🏆