Perfect Laser Technologies has a particularly support strong team. 
Across the country there are over 40 staff members who form the core of our support capability. This is backed up by our CSP (Customer Service/Sales/Support Platform) software system. This allows us to provide support until 8pm Monday-Friday and on Saturdays until 2pm.

Over 50% of our support calls are for ongoing Windows updates, conflicts, issues and file integrity (client design) issues.

Our staff range of formally trained skills include two Qualified engineers, three Qualified Autocad draughtsman, as well as over 15 staff with vast experience in CorelDraw, Photoshop, and other design software, and also Corellaser, RDWorks, EZCad, and Color RIP operating software.

We continuously adapt to our clients’ requirements and our training and support division is headed up by Dion Black, our CTO.

Clients have been requesting

  1. More formal training and retraining,
  2. Training when new staff members join their organisation, and
  3. A quicker turn-around time with regards to software problems (including operating systems, design programs and user-design files)

In 2022, we will be offering the following courses:

  1. Practical CNC operation
  2. Practical colour management for UV and Eco solvent printing
  3. Practical AutoCAD for CNC / Laser use.

Watch this space for more information.

Monthly Software support service

Your files, operating system and design issues often overwhelm our support team and staff. 

Aggravated by “load shedding” and client delivery demands – we understand that your clients want their products now and that you therefore need answers now  – as well.

As from Jan 1st 2022- we will be converting our software support to a nominal R150 per month  (or R1200 per year)  Support Contract.

Watch this space for more information.

Staff Achievements

October 2021 

Handsome has been with Perfect Laser from the get go. From a casual labourer to Senior Technician specialising in Lasers, Metal cutters and now Fiber Engravers – his story at Perfect Laser is the embodiment of everything Perfect Laser strives for. 


His skills are legendary as is the way he treats our customers.  We are all so incredibly proud of his achievements. His formula for success is simple. Every day, Handsome has made it his passion to be better than yesterday. A true role model for all our staff to follow.

Our new CDC (Central Distribution Centre)

8th October 2021 – our New CDC is mostly stocked and ready to supply all of our customers with their machines and other goodies.

8th October 2021  –  A NEW Record  –  ELEVEN Excellent reviews in one day… 

truly a well-oiled Nationwide Perfect Laser team

11 positive reviews in one day (Across FaceBook, Google, HelloPeter and write-ins).

It takes a long time to develop a dream team – scattered all over South Africa.

Unexpected recognition – well that’s our clients saying thank you and that’s just the best feeling.

Thank you to all our Perfect Laser clients.

Thank you to my dream staff team.