• CNC Machines

    CNC Machines (8)

    CNC Machines As much as we love our big CNC machines which are on display in our Big Machine Shop in Randburg, we have also fallen in love with our baby Windows 10, USB 4th Axis enabled, Small Desktop CNC router. From under R20 000 to around R2 000 000 for a triple head CNC router- you can't go wrong.…
  • CO2 Lasers

    CO2 Lasers (14)

    CO2 Lasers CO2 Laser Machines, also known as Laser Cutting machines have been the foundation of hundreds of SA businesses and entrepreneurs throughout Southern Africa. Being in control of your business means less outsourcing, quicker prototyping, improved profitability and client retention. From under R40 000 incl. vat, you could be in business within 2-3 days. Let Perfect laser be your…
  • Colour Machines

    Colour Machines (7)

    Colour Machines The future is colour printing - and with it comes increased sales and huge profitability. Colour attracts! Whether you have made something on your laser machine or simply prefer to print bottles, glasses, tiles, plates - its all so easy. Best of all Perfect Laser has competent staff well-trained in CorelDraw, Photoshop, RIP software and more. We can…
  • Fiber Cutters

    Fiber Cutters (6)

    Fiber Laser Cutters Have you ever wondered whether you can afford a multi-million Rand Fiber Laser Cutter? Well now you can own  a Fiber Laser Cutter for less than a million Rand. Considering our Fiber Laser Cutters can cut all day long with 100% precision, and virtually no finishing work, the benefits are obvious. Slice through sheets of stainless steel,…
  • Fiber Engravers

    Fiber Engravers (7)

    Fiber Engravers Fibre Laser Engravers are now becoming more popular, and Fiber engraving is on the upswing. The days of banging out dog tags in the shopping centre entrance have truly gone. Everyone wants metal items marked for different reasons. Popular markets at the moment include jewellery engraving , security marking and metal tags (for trailers , electrical boxes and…
  • Small Business Machines

    Small Business Machines (12)

    Heat Presses The ideal business opportunity. Use them for shirt, mug and cap press printing. Anyone from 12 years old can use it. They are fun, profitable and easy to use. Acrylic Benders It’s so easy to make Perspex and Acrylic items such as signs, display stands, logos and gifts. Turn scrap Perspex into Rand's easily. Vinyl Cutter Vinyl cutters…

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