Single Blade Aluminium Knife Set, 3 pieces

R424.35 Incl. VAT

Single blade aluminium knife set, 3 pieces. Consists of bit sizes 3.175x2x6, 4×8, and 6×17.
For cutting aluminium and softer metals. Up cut and can work with certain plastics. Material: solid carbide. 


Consists of 3 bits:

3.175*2*6: 3.175mm shank, 2mm diameter cutter, 6mm long flute, 38mm overall length

4*8: 4mm diamter shank and cutter, 8mm long flute, 45mm overall length

6*17: 6mm diameter shank and cutter, 17mm long flute, 45mm overall length 


Bits Info/Details

Material bits Can Process: Aluminium and other soft metals. Also works with plastics, as it is an up cut bit
Substrates: Aluminium, Copper, Gold, Perspex, Plexiglas-acrylic