Round Nose Router Bit Set, 4 pieces

R1,443.25 Incl. VAT

Round Nose Router Bit Set, 4 pieces. Consists of bit sizes 6×10, 6×16, 6×22 and 6×30.
For carving wood, plywood, and MDF. Material: solid carbide. For all CNCs.


Consists of 3 round nose carving bits:

6×10: 6mm shank, 10mm diameter cutter, 6.5mm milling length

6×16: 6mm shank, 16mm diameter cutter, 10mm milling length

6×22: 6mm shank, 22mm diameter cutter, 13.5mm milling length

6×30: 6mm shank, 30mm diameter cutter, 19mm milling length

Bits Info/Details

Shank Diameter: 6
Cutter Diameter: 10-30
Flute Length: Radius 10-30
Overall Length: 35-47
Material bits Can Process: Wood, MDF
Substrates: Birch Wood, Hard Wood, Mdf 3mm, Mdf 6mm, Mdf 9mm, Plywood, SupaWood, Wood