PLT-CO2-Galvo Head

If you need a high speed, precision-engraving CO2 laser, our hybrid machine with a Galvo-type head (usually used on fiber lasers) is your answer. With no moving parts except the “flying” mirrors, reliability and accuracy is assured. The PLT-CO-GALVO can engrave most non-metal materials quickly and accurately. The solid-state metal laser will outlast any glass laser tube. 

From R212,750.00 Incl. VAT


Laser power    :    30W or 50W
Working area    :    250*250mm
Laser source     :    CO2 laser- RF Metal tube
Max marking depth     :    ≤0.5mm
Max marking speed     :    ≤12000mm/s
Marking lines     :    1-10 lines
Minimum line width     :    0.1mm
Minimum character     :    0.15mm
Repeatability accuracy     :    ±0.002mm
Resolution ratio     :    0.1mm
Operating system     :    Windows  
Control software     :    JCZ – EZCad 2   
Formats supported     :    jpg, gif, ai, dxf, etc.
Unit power     :    ≤1.2KW
Operating temperature     :    5 C – 40 C
Relative humidity     :    ≤ 90%
Supply Voltage     :    220V/50Hz

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From R212,750.00 Incl. VAT