PLE-1212 CNC Router Cutter…

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PLE-1212 CNC Router Cutter & Engraver

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The best value industrial proposition workhorse for a large job, high-speed precision machining. From prototyping to full-scale manufacturing, the PLE-1212 can cut and engrave most materials quickly and accurately. Perfect for large-scale production and just-in-time manufacturing.

No PC required to operate: plug in a USB stick and copy your G-code into the controller
Cuts and engraves a wide range of materials: wood, plastics, composites, non-ferrous metals
Ideal for engraving of hard materials, such as stone and granite
No noxious gases, liquids, or oils are used or caused by the machining process
Environmentally friendly system: quiet and clean with low electrical consumption
We hold spares in Cape Town and Johannesburg, ensuring minimum downtime for your business.

Spindle power:2.2kW air-cooledMax. spindle speed:21000 RPM
Standard collet:ER20Control system:RichAuto A11 DSP handheld controller 
4th axis compatible:NoAxis Drive (X, Y & Z):Stepper drive
Working area X & Y:1200*1200*150mmZ-travel:150mm 
Frame:solid cast steel frame, on heavy-duty lockable wheelsNet weight:480kg, dependent on table selection
Warranty: 1 year against latent factory defects, 6 months on spindle