Left Helical Double Edged Cutter 6*32

For softwood, hardwood, PVC, copper and aluminium. Gives a smoother top surface cut than other wood down cutters. Material: solid carbide. 

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6mm shank and cutter, 32mm flute, 60mm overall length

Bits Info/Details

Shank Diameter: 6
Cutter Diameter: 6
Flute Length: 32
Overall Length: 60
Material bits Can Process: Softwood, hardwood, PVC, copper and aluminium
Substrates: Aluminium, Birch Wood, Copper, Mdf 3mm, Mdf 6mm, Mdf 9mm, Plexiglas-acrylic, Plywood

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    R603.75 Incl. VAT

    Out of stock