Flat Tip Engraving Bit 3.175*1.0*10°

For engraving 2 colour plate, acrylic, PVC, hardwood and MDF. Material: solid carbide. 

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3.175mm shank, 1mm tip, 10 degree angle

Bits Info/Details

Shank Diameter: 3.175
Cutter Diameter: 1
Flute Length: 10
Overall Length: 33
Material bits Can Process: Two colour plate, acrylic, PVC, hardwood, MDF
Substrates: Aluminium, Anodized Metal, Birch Wood, Brass, Bronze, Copper, Cork, Glass, Gold, Granite, Hard Wood, Mdf 3mm, Mdf 6mm, Mdf 9mm, Plywood, Silver, Steel, Wood

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    R40.25 Incl. VAT

    Out of stock