Heat Presses
The ideal business opportunity. Use them for shirt, mug and cap press printing. Anyone from 12 years old can use it. They are fun, profitable and easy to use.

Acrylic Benders
It’s so easy to make Perspex and Acrylic items such as signs, display stands, logos and gifts. Turn scrap Perspex into Rand’s easily.

Vinyl Cutter
Vinyl cutters are an essential add on for Eco solvent printer and heat presses. Ranging from R8 000 excl. vat for a photo sensitive vinyl cutter, you will be churning out saleable stickers, t shirts, signage and logos.

Crease Cutter
The next big thing has arrived. When you want to make colourful cardboard gift boxes our crease cutter comes to the rescue. Crease and cut and then colour it with a UV printer and you have a corporate, social or party gift that will be kept.

Electric Eyelet Machine
Perfect Laser has both electric and manual eyelet machines. Used for hanging up banners, these eyelet machines are what will make your signage business a real success.

3D Sign Printer and UV Curing Machine
Small signs up to 600 mm character size need to be multi coloured and embedded with LED light. If you want to make an impact – make 3D signs. Go to China and that’s all you will see.

Food Printer
It’s finally here. Print names or photos directly onto sandwiches, coffee, cappuccinos, biscuits and cakes. It’s fun and profitable.

A double-sided laminator, computer controlled, completes any signage business, sturdy and electronically controlled, your signage will look amazing.

Our 900 x 600 CNC Digitiser will complete your CNC magician capability. Watch our video to see how we went from metal spanner to kids’ wooden spanner in 5 minutes with no G-CODE CNC experience. Need something to CNC — just digitise it, don’t CODE it!