Waterjet Cutting

The Perfect Laser range of waterjet cutters are your best value proposition for high speed precision machining. From prototyping to full scale manufacturing, our waterjets can cut most materials quickly and accurately. Perfect for short-run production and jit (just-in-time) manufacturing.

Waterjets provide cold cutting, so no heat affected zones or hardening of material, and have the ability to cut virtually any material. Waterjets are faster than many conventional cutting tools.

Waterjet cutting is especially useful when cutting complex shapes. Materials can be cut into almost any shape. Sharp corners, bevels, pierce holes, and shapes with minimal inner radii are all possible. Stacking, nesting and tabbing optimises material and can significantly reduce cutting times.

Waterjet cutting is particularly environment-friendly. Normally, the process is clean and does not create grindings, chips, or hazardous gases. Cutting oils or emulsions are not needed. Using pure water, it is possible to cut textiles, elastomers, non-wovens, thin plastics, food and many other products. These materials can be cut at speeds of several hundred feet per minute.

With the addition of a Garnet abrasive, harder materials such as metals, stone, glass, ceramics, etc. can easily be cut. Thicker materials can also be cut more efficiently using an abrasive waterjet system. Very thick metals demonstrate another advantage of waterjet cutting. Adjustments can be made in the combination of orifice and focusing tube diameters and the mesh and quantity of abrasive to attain the most cost-effective cutting speeds.