CO2 Laser Machines, also known as Laser Cutting machines have been the foundation of hundreds of SA businesses and entrepreneurs throughout Southern Africa. Being in control of your business means less outsourcing, quicker prototyping, improved profitability and client retention. From under R40 000 incl. vat, you could be in business within 2-3 days.

Perfect Laser has a range of Laser Cutting machines from 30cm x 40cm to 2 metre x 3 metre. From 40w to 300w (and more) power. With branches across South Africa, a support line open until 8pm Monday to Friday – Excluding Holidays. We are always close at hand to support you. To speed up your business success, our Laser machine owners can download usable images — perfect for quick turnaround, profitable sellers. The history of Perfect Laser is embedded in South Africa’s entrepreneurship, publishing with titles such as Your Business Magazine, SA Guide to Business Opportunities and Working from Home. Business ideas and advice runs deep inside us.

We are registered with SAHPRA (South African Health Products Regulatory Authority) – Radiation Control, and most of our CO2 lasers,
and all of our fiber lasers are licenced as non-medical laser devices.