As much as we love our big CNC machines which are on display in our Big Machine Shop in Randburg, we have also fallen in love with our baby Windows 10, USB 4th Axis enabled, Small Desktop CNC router. From under R20 000 to around R2 000 000 for a triple head CNC router- you can’t go wrong.

At Perfect Laser we have de-mystified CNC router Machines. Bits that used to cost hundreds of Rand now routinely sell for R30 -R60. Best of all our CNC router owners can download free CNC /GCode designs direct from our website. Our trained staff will turn you into a furniture magician in no time.

CNC routers are mostly used for wood and milling purposes. A CNC Router is a cutting or engraving machine for wood that allows you to do 2D relief milling as well. Contact us for more information regarding CNC routers.