Colour Machines

The future is colour printers and with it comes increased sales and huge profitability. Colour attracts! Whether you have made it on your laser machine or simply prefer to print bottles, glasses, tiles, plates-its all so easy. Best of all Perfect Laser has competent staff well-trained in Corel, Photoshop, RIP software, and we can transfer our colour management knowledge to you. The history of Perfect Laser starts with colour magazine management and ownership – we know colour. And its cheaper than you think. Give us a ring.

Our color machines consist of UV printers and Eco solvent machines. Broadly speaking UV — consists of Ink that is cure by UV light with our with a white base and varnish finish. With an embossed finish you can create a 3d effect on your UV printer. Eco Solvent printers also known as large format printers or digital printers are now available for under R65000 and are perfect for signage, T shirt printing, banner printing and sticker printing. Combined with our photo recognition vinyl cutter you will be cutting images from bugs bunny, Premier league soccer badges and signs all day long.