Moving machines

There may come a time when machines must be moved ...

If you need to move a machine purchased from Perfect Laser to a new address, please be aware of the following caveats :

  • Moving a machine without following the correct procedures may cause damage that will not be covered by the manufacturer's warranty.
  • Your warranty may be invalidated if you move your machine to different premises without a Perfect Laser technician being present to supervise the move.
  • A properly supervised move will allow us to ensure that nothing goes wrong, and that you are up and running in the fastest time possible.
  • Before moving your machine please phone us. Any machine bigger than a 6040 needs to be moved by us to keep any existing warranty valid.

  • Every machine moved needs a recommissioning service

  • On no account should you move a colour machine. The warranty will immediately become null and void. We will move it and make sure it is correctly shut down and recommissioned.