Junior Technician Cape Town

  • Technician position
  • Cape Town, Nelspruit and Durban
Required skills and experience:
  • Have at least a basic understanding of electrical / electronics equipment.
  • Have at least a basic understanding of mechanical equipment.
  • Be able to use a multimeter.
  • Be able to use a soldering iron.
  • Be able to troubleshoot obvious issues.
  • NON Negotiable – Must have a valid car driver’s license
 Description of responsibilities:

(Full training will be provided)

  • Technical Support, learn to operate, diagnose and repair all machines. (Training will be provided)
  • Learn to work with CO2 and fiber lasers, CNCs and other interesting technology
  • Being part of a nationwide support team and assisting with after-hours support
  • Understand all parts relating to Laser machines/ Fibre engravers/ CNC machines/ Colour Machines and any other interesting machines we offer in the future
  • Providing administrative support to the branch when called on to do so, assisting the branch manager to manage all clients, business related activities, deliveries, callouts, client and office related reminders
  • Show initiative and energy fitting into a dynamic sales and technical team
  • Au fait with all new product enhancements and make sure you are on the relevant skype technical groups
  • Ensure all demo stock is working in the branch-
  • Daily use of the in-house CSP system – ensuring you load all technical reports/ signed tickets and installations onto the system.
  • Continually expanding your product and business knowledge. Learn as much about the machines and add interesting articles to the CSP.
  • Make it your business to understand our Competitors offerings and provide feedback to Head office
  • You must be able to do demonstrations to clients on all machines in the branch.
Job Category: Technician
Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: Cape Town Durban Nelspruit
Salary: Negotiable

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