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Looking for some good free resources where you can find downloads and inspiration for using your laser engraving machine? We have put together a list of some excellent, interesting and useful websites where you will find many different ideas for laser engraving machine use, either for fun or profit. If you have any comments or suggestions for this page please Contact Us and if applicable we will add it to this page. Keep reading for some amazing inspiration and free laser engraving machine related downloads.


Want to start a laser business? Warwick-Smith-Chandler, CEO of Perfect Laser, shares his vast experience in this series of articles.Simply click on the images to see and download the pdf files.



Technical Bulletin # 1 Checking your PLT-6040 Power Supply   READ PDF

Technical Bulletin # 2 Metal cutting laser information   READ PDF

Technical Bulletin # 3 Earthing your equipment   READ PDF

Technical Bulletin # 4 Lens characteristics   READ PDF

Technical Bulletin # 5 Engraving glass & mirrors   READ PDF

Technical Bulletin # 6 Fiber laser engraving settings   READ PDF

Technical Bulletin # 7 Waterjet Basics   READ PDF

Technical Bulletin # 8 Laserwork rotary attachment guide   READ PDF

Technical Bulletin # 9 Choosing your focus lens for depth   READ PDF

Technical Bulletin # 10 Safety & cleanliness of your laser   READ PDF

Technical Bulletin # 11 Before claiming replacement tube under warranty   READ PDF

Technical Bulletin # 12 Taking care of your lens and Mirrors   READ PDF

Technical Bulletin # 13 Gases Galore (or how do CO2 lasers work?)   READ PDF

Technical Bulletin # 14 Setting up your HQ WIFI connection   READ PDF

Technical Bulletin # 15 MOPA Fiber Lasers   READ PDF

Technical Bulletin # 16 Lens & Kerf   READ PDF

Technical Bulletin # 17 CW 5000 / 5200 Chiller Setup   READ PDF

Technical Bulletin # 18 Generators - Surviving Eskom's Load-shedding   READ PDF

Technical Bulletin # 19 Bitmaps and Vectors   READ PDF

Technical Bulletin # 20 The Importance of Laser Operator Training   READ PDF

Technical Bulletin # 21 Sending to RDWorks directly from CorelDraw   READ PDF

Technical Bulletin # 22 Squaring a quadrilateral   READ PDF

Technical Bulletin # 23 Vacuums can be good (Keep your machine clean)   READ PDF

Technical Bulletin # 24 Through the looking glass (Keep your fiber engraver's lens clean)   READ PDF

Technical Bulletin # 25 Cutting and engraving with acrylics   READ PDF

Technical Bulletin # 27 Fiber Engraver vs Fiber Cutter   READ PDF

Technical Bulletin # 28 Hair of the dog (keeping your water cooling system clean)  READ PDF

Technical Bulletin # 29 Water, water everywhere (What to put in your CO2 cooling system)  COMING SOON


Tip # 1 Laser owner's tips   READ PDF

Tip # 2 Corellaser tips   READ PDF


Perfect Laser staff have spent ages producing an English-readable document to help you get started with your new laser machine using LaserWork V. 6 or 8. See it here or download it : BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY CHECKLIST
Perfect Laser staff have a strong heritage in the business opportunity market in South Africa. As previous owners and editors of Your Business magazine, SA Computer magazine and SA Guide to Business Opportunities magazine we are well placed to assist both from a business plan verification process and technical assessment. What we can't do is write your business plan for you and without adequate information, often none at all, a 'send more info about your business opportunity' request just does not move the 'business plan' forward at all. However if you are seriously considering buying a laser cutter/engraver as a business opportunity then please supply at least the following extra information in the form below. Supplying as much information as possible will allow us to best help you move forward with your laser engraving business or hobby. SUGGESTED MAINTENANCE SCHEDULE
When to clean, when to oil, how to keep your laser cutter in perfect working order. Please remember that if you need more assistance,
you can call us on 087 135 2958 or 081 456 6697 during office hours or send an email to INSTALLING PLT 3040 / PLT 6040 ROTARY ATTACHMENT
A guide to the installation of a rotary attachment for engraving cylindrical objects such as bottles and glass for the PLT 3040 and PLT 6040. SOFTWARE INSTALLATION FOR THE PLT 3040 / PLT 6040
A guide to the installation of the software on your computer or laptop to get your laser machine up and running for the first time.


For the crafter or hobbyist, the PLE 4030 CNC Router and the PLT 3040 (or the PLT 6040) laser engraver / cutter represents the best value for money in South Africa. Here are the most important features and specifications side by side.
free laser engraver software


Bought your brand new laser engraving machine and want to get started turning your designs into a reality? There are some excellent and completely free programs that will allow you to easily create and visualize whatever you want. Our choices to download are listed below and whether you are a hobbyist or running a business are definitely worth trying.>/a>.
Trimble SketchUp Make visit :
free box patterns


If you are planning on cutting boxes with your laser engraving machine don't struggle trying to work out the pattern yourself if you don't have to. BoxMaker will do all the hard work for you and is an online PDF pattern generator for boxes. Simply enter the width, height, depth and material thickness for your desired box and BoxMaker will do the rest, automatically generating a PDF that you can download for free.

Another great place - perhaps even better - to make a box is Makercase (added 28/09/2017)

free laser engraving patterns


Run out of ideas for what you can do with your laser engraving machine? The Scrollsaw Workshop Pattern Catalog offers over 1,200 free PDF patterns that you can download and they are sorted into easy to navigate categories. Though intended for use with scrollsaws most of the patterns can also be used with laser engraving machines and if you are looking for inspiration there are so many great ideas available.
laser cut furniture ideas


Looking for inspiration for making laser cut furniture? Jon Elsas on Pinterest has a board dedicated to some amazing furniture that was created using CNC or laser cutting. There are great examples of tables and chairs as well as joint details and other furniture. You can find out more about each design simply by clicking on the image to go to the related website and you are sure to find ideas for laser cut furniture design.
ideas for laser cutting


Interested in finding out what other people are doing with laser cutting? The Cut Laser Cut Showcase offers a unique gallery of client work from a leading laser cutting and engraving company in the UK. There is a wide range of incredibly interesting ideas including lasercut typefaces, acrylic invitations, wood engraved signs, iPad engraving, etched paper and laser cut fabric for clothing design.


If you have a 2030, 3040 or 6040 Turbo or Extreme laser, you will be using the Corellaser plugin for CorelDraw. If you need to reinstall it, here it is.
Download : Corellaser

PL-MC-1390 cutting 1.8mm Stainless Steel
Our Youtube Channel     DISCLAIMER / WARNING : Laser cutters/engravers sold by Perfect Laser are Class IV Laser Devices and are extremely dangerous. These lasers will instantly ignite clothing, wood, paper, plastics, and many other common items and will seriously burn flesh, including eyes. Care must be taken to avoid serious injury and/or blindness. Always operate any high power laser in an environment free of flammable materials, children, pets, spectators, etc. Always ensure that flooring around your laser is clean and free of any obstacles. Always ensure that the work surface is kept clean. Always ensure that water cooling is sufficient to keep the tube cool. Always use eye protection when operating your laser. Failure to do so may result in permanent blindness. This laser uses lethal high voltages. Care must be taken when working with high voltage. Failure to do so may result in Serious Injury or Death. Untrained operators are forbidden to operate any laser equipment supplied by Perfect Laser. The use of any laser equipment is dangerous, and you do so entirely at your own risk. Perfect Laser, its staff, employees, family, consultants and technical representatives will not be held liable for any injuries, damages to property or any other damages whatsoever caused by operating laser equipment.