We first published our Power and Speed Calculator in 2017, and have had thousands of downloads of the Android version on the Google Play Store as well as thousands of downloads of the Windows version from our website. Time marches on, and Windows 10 updates broke some apps, Google updated their Android minimum requirements, and of course for those with a standard Huawei phone, you could not get the app from the Google Play Store.


As of December 2021, we have revamped and updated the app, and it is now published not only on our website and the Google Play Store, but also on the Huawei AppGallery, and Amazon’s Appstore, giving you the opportunity to use it on your Android device or your Windows PC without any issues.


The app provides our suggested power and speed settings for your laser when cutting or engraving different materials – depending on your laser power – and will give you a starting point and a general idea of what settings to use for your circumstances. Your settings may require some tweaking, depending on material supplier,  ambient temperature, water temperature, tube age, focus accuracy etc. 


The values we use to calculate Power and Speed settings were measured by Perfect Laser on our own machines. Readings were taken with material from Cape Town.


We are always striving to improve the app, so we will update the material list as and when new material is tested by us.