Buying second hand machines

If you are considering a used machine, please note the following:

Should you decide to purchase a Perfect Laser Machine from an existing owner, you should be
aware of costs involved in order for you to be added to the Perfect Laser system and make use of
our Technical Support.

Perfect Laser has been selling business machines of all types for over 7 years. From 2016 our cloud-based system holds every record and activity / event relating to each and every machine we have sold. We do this for these simple reasons : It allows us to assess what parts we need to keep stock of, where to open branches, how many technicians to employ and so on.

Our machines come onto the second hand (or pre-owned) market for a number of reasons. Leaving South Africa, buying larger machines, moving to smaller premises meaning less space available or just a change of business direction.

Phone us first and we will be able in an instant to tell you the following:
Age of machine (date/year, original owner and any re-registered prior owners. 
Service history and when last major parts were replaced.

Regardless of what the current owner tells you, ask about and look for the following indications of maintenance:

1)Laser  machines

Discolouration of water pipes, laser tube, and dirty insides. Ask for a cutting demo in 5 locations – Top Left, Top Right, Centre, Bottom Left Bottom Right.
Lift up the honeycomb and look for the telltale signs of "HARD" use. Heat scarring is usually the sign of excessive laser power usage. This could indicate that the laser tube's remaining life has been shortened.

Before moving the machine please phone us. Any machine bigger than a 6040 needs to be moved by us to keep any existing warranty valid. Every machine moved needs a recommissioning service which includes new owner orientation and free training at our branches on Saturday mornings.

2)Colour machines

Look for signs of sticky/congealed ink in the ink tubes and ink bottles. Ask for a thorough print head nozzle test. All pins should be firing correctly (ie none missing). Look at the expiration date of the inks. Old expiry dates means the inks in the machine are old and this can cause problems. Check that they are Perfect Laser inks – as our warranty is void if our inks are not used. Regular maintenance of a colour machine by us is a good sign, as it means that the current owner has been using the machine. With colur machines, "Barely used" is not necessarily a good sign.

On no account should you move a colour machine. The warranty will immediately become null and void. We will move it and make sure it is correctly shut down and recommissioned. 

3)All other machines

Call us for service history.