Please take note of the following:

Installation & Commissioning of machines
1) As with any complicated, high-tech equipment, there may be teething problems on installation of your new machine.
    Be assured that we will do our best to minimise downtime and get your machine running perfectly in as little time as we can.
2) It may take up to 3 weeks to be productive - depending on client skills.
3) Small machines can be offloaded manually, but large machines require a forklift or up to 6 labourers. You are responsible for this.
4) Machines will only be released or delivered afer full payment has been received.
5) Disposal of wooden crate and packaging is the owner's responsibility.
6) Any offloading costs on site are for the owner's account and responsibility to organise.
7) We do not accept responsibility that your designated workspace is suitable for your machine.
8) We suggest you install power surge limiters as damage caused by such surges is your responsibility. We also suggest that you install an earth spike to properly earth your machine.
9) Problems relating to clean power supply at your premises are not our responibility. For reliable operation of your equipment, the mains power supply to your premises needs to be stable, clean and within certain limits. Should we believe that your power supply needs to be tested, you will need to get a qualified electrician to do the tests - at your expense.
10) Please ensure that you have at least a one-kilogram Carbon Dioxide fire extinguisher close to your machine.
11) Shipping schedules are only estimates and can vary from -1 week to plus 3 weeks.
12) If we are seeing you over the weekend (especially if you live more than 100 kilometres from our offices) - then you need to be available. We can't get to faraway places to be told that access can only be given on Monday!
13) Delivery addresses - for obvious reasons - must be complete and accurate.
14) The responsibility to fit in with the delivery company rests with you. We can try our best to schedule deliveries, but when it's your machine, you need to be flexible and fit in with our freight carriers.
15) The installation location is presumed to be on the ground floor with easy access. If this is not the case. please inform us timeously.
16) We suggest that training involve 2 staff members or other persons in case one leaves.

17) Please remember to take out insurance on your machine.

18) We can only guarantee effective machine performance if original software is used.
19) The warranty of your machine is not transferable in the event of a resale, unless the new owner has completed our training and maintenance course and the machine has been verified as being set up correctly.
20) If you, or anyone else other than a technician from Perfect Laser attempts to repair your machine, you will invalidate your warranty.
21) Depending on where you are located, it is possible that your machine will be delivered by a third party carrier and not by one of our staff. If you open the crate yourself and try and set-up and install the machine yourself, you will invalidate your warranty.
22) If you are located more than 100km roundtrip from our nearest office, and we need to come to your premises after installation, our standard travel fees (whether your machine is under warranty or not) will apply.

Metal Cutting Lasers & Waterjet Cutters
23) Metal Cutting Lasers & Waterjet Cutters are built to spec, so delivery times are 9-10 weeks (to a South African entry port) from order. Delivery to the customer may take another week or two.

Training and installation : what is offered
24) Machine operation and maintenance training is supplied and can take up to one day. With metal cutters and waterjets please allow for 2-3 days. Advanced training is offered at our head office. We will always assist with software support issues as long as it relates to Perfect Laser hardware, and not your Windows operating system or PC/Notebook. We also offer UltraViewer support.

Additional costs
25) Perfect Laser tries to make sure that NO extra costs are incurred during and after installation. The following, however, must be allowed for:
For small machines, a work table, bucket, ventilation and an adequate door size for machines to pass throught for installation.
For metal cutters, the rental or purchase of an appropriate Oxygen cylinder and gauges. We will provide you with the specs.
For all larger machines, an adequate door size for machines to pass throught for installation, and possibly a forklift.

There will also be additional costs payable by the machine owner if any of the following occur:
a) You move your machine to a different place from original installation and setup is required.
b) You change your PC or software and you want us to reinstall.
c) You need another staff member trained at a later stage.
d) You have not maintained your machine - and parts have been damaged, or performance has suffered and we have to clean your machine.
e) Any electricity / water / gas consumed while testing your machine will be for your account.

Parts Returns
26) Perfect Laser does not do refunds on parts and consumables unless in exceptional circumstances and within 24 hours of the client purchasing the part. Please ensure that you order the correct part - and that you actually need the part. There will be a 25% handling fee for any parts or consumables returned.

While we take every care to ensure our website is accurate and reflects the latest pricing and technical information, we are only human. Please note that E&OE (Errors and Omissioms Excepted) Applies.